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The Compassionate Machiavellian: Using Mercy and Patience to Conquer Your Enemies: In a world often characterized by cutthroat competition and self-interest, the author delves into the idea of being a compassionate Machiavellian—an individual who combines shrewdness, strategic thinking, and empathy to navigate complex relationships and achieve desired outcomes. Through a series of compelling anecdotes, case studies, and historical examples, the book explores how compassion can be harnessed as a powerful tool in the pursuit of success and ethical leadership. 

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Alex Lives in the North east of England with his wife and three children and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He has worked in counselling therapy, person centred care/ support, entertainment and party photography and is also a writer of books on counselling.

Since 1998, Alex has worked with people living with physical and neurological conditions, providing them with the support they require to lead fulfilling lives. His extensive experience in this field has given him a deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with these conditions.

In 2000, Alex began studying psychology-based subjects while working at a Day Center with people who had physical and learning disabilities. His passion for the subject inspired him to write a book on the 'Hierarchy of Needs in Care & Support.'

Over the years, Alex has volunteered with various organizations, providing counseling and personal development workshops. He volunteered with Contact Mental Health Group in Morpeth from 2005 to 2010 and also worked as a volunteer counselor with Escape Family Support from 2006 to 2007 for people affected by alcohol and substance dependency. During this time, he gained invaluable experience working with both victims and perpetrators of serious crimes, which broadened his perspective on human nature.

In 2006, Alex founded Actualisation Resource Counselling and Certification (ARCC), offering workshops and distance learning for subjects with spiritual or philosophical themes. He emphasized ethics for practitioners who work with potentially vulnerable people. In 2011, ARCC became "Plessey Castle Autodidact" and offers acknowledgment for learning with their very own PCAc in-house awards.

Aside from his work in counseling and social care, Alex runs a successful entertainment business as a DJ and party photographer for weddings and other events. He presents The Knight Towels/Laughing Owl phone-in show at Plessey Castle Radio, where he invites individuals from adult social care in Northumberland to participate. Alex is also an author of books on counseling, psychotherapy, and social care, which he publishes regularly on the Amazon website.

In addition to his work in social care, Alex has worked as a positive behavior support trainer and Non-Abusive Psychological and Physical Intervention. His dedication to improving the lives of individuals with physical and neurological conditions, combined with his expertise in counseling and entertainment, has made him a respected professional in his field.

Alex is an author of Paperback books as well as Kindle, and regularly publishes books based on counselling and psychotherapy and social care on the Amazon website. To see the Library Click here.

Alexander's Therapy:

Alexander offers a unique approach to therapy. His focus is on helping individuals improve their focus and develop resilience through the power of reframing reality. Alexander's approach is grounded in humanistic therapy, which emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, personal growth, and positive change. What sets Alexander apart is his informal and banter-like approach to therapy. He understands that some people may feel intimidated by traditional therapy settings, and his informal style helps put clients at ease. However, this doesn't mean that Alexander's therapy sessions lack substance or structure. Instead, his informal style is part of his strategy to help clients reframe their reality and develop a more positive and empowering narrative.

Through a combination of empathy, active listening, and evidence-based techniques, Alexander works closely with his clients to help them identify their strengths and leverage them to overcome obstacles. He encourages clients to approach their challenges with a sense of curiosity, openness, and humor. This approach helps clients see their circumstances from a different perspective, which allows them to develop a more positive and empowering narrative.

Whether you're struggling with life's anxieties or relationship issues, Alexander can help you develop the skills and tools to improve your focus and build resilience. His informal and banter-like approach to therapy provides a safe, non-judgmental environment where you can explore your thoughts and feelings and learn to reframe your reality. By the end of your therapy sessions, you'll feel empowered, more self-aware or you might not, either way, you'll enjoy the chat. 

Please be aware that suitability for this approach will be assessed before therapy begins. This approach is not suitable for people with neurological or psychiatric disorders. 

2 hour session

Price: £120

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