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Radio Podcast 

The broadcasts are broadcast live and available to listen to immediately after recording.  They are available on any platform that uses you tube such as PC's, Tablets and phones. 

Knight Towels is a banter show for fans of Metro Radio's Night Owls show where.  Alex and his wife Michelle encourage people to interact on Facebook and take part in the live show. Every show has its own theme and includes phone calls with listeners. Serious issues, banter and funny stories are all part of the show. 

You can Join the Knight Towls page on Facebook to join with the banter. 

Our Easter show Broadcast on April 14th 2017
Knight Towels First Live Video Broadcast 

Visit Knight Towels to join 

Night Owl of the Year's Birthday Special 

Our first mid week show celebrating Neil from Guideposts Birthday. 

Friday March 4th  2016. 

This week taking calls From Neil from Guidepost to talk about his co hosting the Night Owls show with Alan Robson on Metro Radio after being voted caller of the Year.  We also take a call from Kerry From Cramlington and have two hours of general banter. 

 Friday 19th February 2016 

Black Friday Special  

A 2 hour show talking about Black Friday and other banter. Loads of comments on the Knight Towels Facebook page. Fans submit their own ideas for banter filled chats. 

Conspiracies Special Broadcast. 9th october 2015 10pm BST

Join me on Friday 9th october for my podcast at 10pm. We are talking Conspiracies, Join me Alex H Parker (the DJ Placky Bag) and Michelle for a bit banter on Facebook. We will read out all your comments and may even take a few calls. We use a Facebook page found at: to read out comments. and get together for banter.