Alex H. Parker Northumberland & Tyne & Wear Counsellor


As a fully trained counsellor, I will provide you with the safety to express your thoughts and feelings. I will listen to everything you have to say without passing judgement and without telling you what to do. Everything you say will be handled with the strictest of confidence. Whilst you may be able to confide in relatives and friends, they may have their own preoccupations, they may be too involved with your situation to advise you objectively or you may feel that there are certain things that cannot be said to them. My clients trust me with serious issues that evoke strong feelings of conflict and anxiety. I am not to be confused with a spiritual guide or psychological guru. I provide a no nonsense approach to counselling where serious issues are treat with maturity.

I work to a Person Centred/ Humanistic Philosophy and incorporate CBT and hypnotherapy and Gestalt/ transactional analysis in my work.  

I will provide a safe and discrete environment for you to talk and combine this with psychological interventions such as hypnotherapy which will assist you to find balance in your thoughts. I can help you at your home or a private room in Morpeth Town Centre.

Guide Price: £70 per 90 minute session

Home Visit £80 per 90 minute session

Private Counselling Room in Morpeth For couples or individual sessions as above.

For a free Telephone consultation: Phone 01670 732941 Mobile 07737384445