Races and Runs TV North East

Coquet Half Marathon 2018

Held in Rothbury Northumberland. All on the road. It has long gradual inclines with a view of the simonside hills and the Cheviots. The Run takes you from Rothbury Middle School, through Rothbury, Thropton and Hepple before climbing the smaller country roads to Rothbury Riverside. 
Cramlington to Weetslade Country Park. 

Run from Beacon Lane in Cramlington past the Arcot Golf Course and through Arcot Grange. Both on road and rough under foot. Brilliant views from The Weetslade pitheap. 
Durham Coastal Half Marathon
Very scenic run from Seaham to Crimdon Dene,  with repetitive steep valleys. 
Woods and clifftop scenes. Beautiful half marathon. 
The Gala 10K 2018 Tweedbank

Tour and comentry of the 10k run 2018. 

2018 Chase The Kite Trail Run Swalwell Gateshead.

Race around Swallwell and Derwent Walk in Gateshead. 
Lampton 2016 Run 10k

Lovely run around the old Lampton Estate also known to older folk as 'Lampton Lion Park.'  A beautiful run through woods and castle type structures. One steep hill but mostly good roads.

Pier to Pier Race 2016

From south Sheilds to Sunderland, this run takes you accross beaches, cliffs, fields and coastal paths. Hills are few and the scenery is pleasant, with Souther Lighthouse and Marsden Groto. The Lucky Bag at the end had plenty goodies. 

Sundrland City Half Marathon 2016 

A bit of a wet run this year but a lovely route non the less. Through the City Streets and along the river weir to Roker Park before returning accross the Monk WeirMouth Bridge. 

 Cragside 10k Race Northumberland 

10k run Shaky video of the rout done on mobile phone because I left my camera at home.

An incredible 4 mile of incline. Beautiful views of the waterfall and lakes.

Coastal Cycle Ride to Middlesburgh from Cramlington. 

 A great cycle ride a,ong the coast. From Seaton Sluice- Whitley Bag. Take the Ferry accross the tyne at North Sheilds and Cycle to Sunderland. Accross the Wear  and around the city centre to join the coast and straight to Seaham. I then joined a track into a deep ravine before ariving at easington and eventually Hartlepool and Seaton Carew. After being stopped by the Police for filiming while cycling |(quite right) I than made it to Middlesburgh via the Transporter Bridge.

Run From Newcastle Quayside to Corbridge.

20 mile run that nearly killed me off.. The run follows the Tyne River along the Hadrian's Cycleway. I was hoping to get as far as Hexham, but was taken by supprise by a steep hill that felt like it would Never end.  

Cramlington to Royal Quays along the old Wagonway.

Nice 11 mile run from Cramlington to North Shields. The Wagon Way originally started at the Cramlinton Learning village cycle track, near the railway. We join the track at the Bay Horse Pub  and go under the Ashington Spine road underpass onto the feilds surrounding Seghill. I then followed the path to Seaton Delevals Proctor and Gamble site. Then to Hollywell Dene, The Earsdon/Backworth road through to Shiremoor and the Colbalt business park, Silverlink, through Percy Main and through an underpass into the Royal Quays. Nice easy run.

Run From Cramlington to Durham Cathedral.

A 25.5 run Along the Great North Road and Durham Road to the Great city.  2 Cities Newcastle & Durham. Great, painful fun.

Run from Cramlington to Saltwell Park in Gateshead

Nice little run along the great north run into Newcastle and over the High level Bridge. Once into Gateshead Town Centre just keep following Durham Road until you reach Enfield Rd and you are there. Champion little run

Great North Run 2015

This year I decided to use a bridged camera set to Shutter priority to reduce blurring as my last few videos are far too shaky. It worked. This was my slowest time in 8 years, but I need to loose 2 stone and my training has been somewhat neglected. 

The Washington 10k Trail Run 

I just made it to this run in Washington, Tyne and Wear. The night before I had done a disco in the Cheviot hills (Helthpool).  Fortunately the father in law knocked on our door at 8:30 giving me the energy to jump out of bed and drive the 20 miles to the race in 30 minutes for its start. there was allot of dark wooded areas which meant my phone camera struggled to avoid blur. But check it out. 


This was going to be a great explanation of the route but turned out to be a story about how my 30 year old bike met its demise. I left Seahouses and broke down at Alnmouth.

What a shame. So we drove to the finish line. 

Video of Gateshead Trail Race Derwent Riverside Walk Swallwell Park:

Greatrun from Blaydon Rugby club Around the park and old railway bridge and track. With great pathways and a great corridor of trees leading back to the rugby club. Medal at the finish and loads of food stalls. Really pretty run. 

Video Of The Darlington 10k Run 2015. 

This run takes you around the town of Darlington (2 laps). Good atmosphere and the fact you are in a town means there are an abundance of spectators cheering the runners on. The run starts behand the sports centre and ends in the town centre next to the sports centre and an abundance of café's and restaurants.   T-shirts are given out at the end. Mostly a flat run with one short incline. 

Video of The The Pier to Pier South Shields to Sunderland 10k run 2015. 

This run takes you from the beach next to south shields Pleasure beach to Roker Beach. It takes place on beach, grass and promenade. Very pleasant surroundings going past Souter Light House, Marsden Rock and quarries all along the coastline.  Keeps your interest. Medals and towel at the end of the race. 

Video of Jog to Newcastle from Cramlington

One of my personal routs to Newcastle. Naisy road at Gosforth, but such a straight easy run along the Great North road. About 8 miles in total. 

Video of  Morpeth New Yeas Day 10K 2015

Lovely surroundings of Mitford, with a steep hill and going through the Park. All on road and worth the effort. Loads of Pubs and café's in Morpeth. Starts at the Rugby Club and ends along the river next to the stepping stones. 

Video of  Great North Run 2014

newcastle to South Shields. Entertainment from bands and an abundance of spectaters cheering on the crowds. The Crwds give out drinks and even beer to the runners. ther are several drinks stops including two energy drink stations. There are showers as you run to keep you cool. The goody bag at the end includes T-shirt sweets and other goodies. 

Hexham Jelly Road Race 2014

great run from Hexham to Ovingham via Corbridge. The race ends with a cup of jelly and a sandwich at Ovingham school. beautiful run with Views of the tyne Valley to die for.  The Rout will change in 2015 to start and end at Hexham racecourse.