Exploring the Ways of Photography

The Wedding Photography Website has now been launched: HERE

I have recently Started including a Photo booth with the Placky Bag Discos. I always compile the photos from the booth onto a DVD as a slideshow for clients. I also used my camera to take snaps of people enjoying the party and found that people appreciate other snaps of their party included in the Slideshow.  

Customers are also relying on me to take more responsibility for there photos during some parties which means, I need to practice and overcome some common pit falls that accompany a newcomer to the craft.  The low light of these parties meant that I needed to learn to use a camera in new and imaginative ways and to become familiar with manual settings to avoid blurred shots or under exposure. 

I have also been using my camera to create advertising for my business.

This page will include Videos and snaps that I have taken and a discussion of problems with the pictures and how I have found a solution.  

Keep Checking back for videos and the like. 

New  Wedding photography website is being constructed. Here

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