Alex H. Parker



Library Of Philosophy Certificates PCAc

For those people who enjoy writing and want acknowledgement for learning without necessarily wanting to work toward a formal qualification, these courses might suit your needs. These awards are dispensed after you have been able to demonstrate good knowledge of a subject as well as being able to understand the ethical issues that may accompany it.  You will also be required to write as much of your own thoughts and ideas regarding the subject as possible to demonstrate understanding. 

These courses are for those people who are learnaholics and just want some acknowledgement for their personal development.  Because they are informal you will get one of our awards for an affordable price, this includes the whole package.  

What do you get. 

You will receive a Library of Philosophy Certificate in your chosen subject representing your eligibility to be entered into our online library.  An acknowledgement that you are a 'Contributor of Philosophy' in our library (Phc).  On becoming a Phc you will also be given a bio page as well as a link to a PDF of your Dissertation (so make it interesting and include links to your business or 'LIKE' page if you have one.)

Don't forget to take your time. There's no need to pay until your essay is complete. So enjoy the experience.  

Courses are being prepared. In the mean time please visit Plessey Castle Academic. 

The ARCC Library of Philosophy is part of the 'Autodidact syndicate' group of websites dedicated to personal learning and recognition. These are an alternative to nationally recognised qualifications and are used as evidence of your commitment to personal learning and development.  Certificates will only be dispensed after careful consideration.  If an essay is rejected then a full refund will be issued. This will only happen in cases of unethical practice, poor research or plagiarism. (Please download our ethics)