Scholar of WIccan Philosophy Phc


  Scholar of Wicca (PCAc Advanced Diploma)

Wicca has developed over the past century to a world wide spiritual movement. Many people identify themselves as Wiccans whether they are part of a Coven or practice alone. The Wiccan philosophies are based on pagan traditions and contain ethics that represent the unity of nature. To obtain a Phc and PCAc as a Scholar of Wicca you must be able to describe the principles of Wicca and also your own personal persp[ective in relation to Wicca tradition. Remember to write as much of your own thoughts and ideas regarding Wicca. Your essay will be submitted into our free free Library of Phiolosophy, so make sure its an essay you can be proud of. 

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Diploma in Wicca Distance learning From Plessey castle Art by Alex H Parker

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To obtain an advanced scholar of Wicca please write a dissertation containing no less than 3000 words covering the following points:

  • Include your own beliefs and comments throughout.
  • The history of Pagan religion and its development into modern wiccan tradition.
  • Wiccan beliefs regarding divinity.
  • Magick, Spell casting and divination.
  • Describe rituals, symbols and their meanings.
  • Beliefs regarding the afterlife.
  • Wiccan ethics
  • Describe festivals and celebrations including their meaning.
  • Your own philosophy in regards to Wiccan practice.
  • Make a short statement that this essay is your own work.

Scholar Of Wicca Phc

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