Alex H. Parker Random Daft Videos

Not wanting to wast the school holidays, I took the bairns to the local puddle to try out a dingy. The puddle is a newly formed spring that appeared about two years ago after the building of a new bridge and path near by. What fun we had in the putrid pond. 

Alex The DJ Placky Bag tries to advertise his dead car on Gumtree. 

 After nearly being late for one disco and then the car making me late for work at the day centre, I decided to find a mechanic and have the car fixed. The car mechanic shook his head and indicated that it cwas a knacker job. The ECU, computer or brain of the car has sadly passed away and the car was now brain dead. I decided to make this video to persuade someone to take it for donor organs, so that another car might live. 

Alex Drinks a small bottle of cheap 3.5%  Larger

There is no secret, I can't even handle the smallest amount of alcohol. Riverdance and an Irish accent were the consequence. 

Alex finds dog poo outside his house:

Alex is dismayed to find a large dog poo outside his house.  Dismayed at the amount of times the kids have come home covered in the stuff, he makes an instructional video on how to pick up and dispose of the offending material.  

Vog Fail 

While trying my first Vlog, I discover that its a lot harder than I could ever imagine.  

The One Two Poem 

Testing the sound on a new camera.

Broken Earphones: The Musical. (Bugger)

Trying out new camera and breaking my Favourite earphones, I discover the opportunity for a new tune. 

Another Failed Vlog

Unable to start vloging in a busy house. 

Trying to sell My 1998 Astra. 

The sound went off after the first few minutes, but I don't think it would have helped. I ended up getting £100 for the machine. 

Finding Out from Facebook the The Father in law has passed away. 

After finding out that there was a rummer Facebook that the Father in Law had passed away, we rushed to his house with a camera to dispel the myth and stop the tributes on his Facebook Wall. 

My experience of Intensive Training in Positive Behaviour Support. 

After a week of very, very, very intensive training I was deemed ready to teach Positive Behaviour support to the unsuspecting. great course, great subject, fantastic trainers, but very, very intense.